Monday, November 2, 2009

The Tipping Points!

Since when has "tipping" become such a standard almost everywhere you go in American society? I completely understand the art, and it is an art, of the tip. Having worked in the service industry for about 5 years, I totally agree that all tips should be at least 20%! But being a veteran of service, I am almost appalled (did I just use the word appalled?) at the fact that everyone is trying to get in on the tipping game. Its got me to a "tipping point" (big up The Roots) so to speak. Why do we need to tip people who take our money at the door of a lounge or club? Why do people working at the local bagel joint have a tip jar at the register? This brings a whole lot of unwanted pressure to the consumer. Now, I know I sound like Larry David, but I don't need that pressure! The same goes for places like Starbucks. I'm not trying to offend anyone who works at any of these spots, but if we have to start giving these cats tips, what's next? McDonalds? Wendy's?! Cook Out?!! Not at all. These cats need to fall back from the tipping point and simply work. Don't give me a look when I don't put my change in the tip jar. It'll open flood gates of epic proportions. Not to mention, it will lower people's opinion about tipping servers/bartenders alike! Can we reign this one in please?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Squirrel Toss 9000

In my quest to find out how people completely and utterly waste time, I came across something pretty interesting. It's called a squirrel launcher. The first question I had when I stumbled across this little contraption was, why? This was followed almost immediately with another question which was, WHY?! I'm not an acting member of PETA or anything, but this is a pretty fucked up thing to do to an otherwise harmless woodland creature. Although I have to admit, it's funny as shit also!

I wonder what goes through the squirrel's mind as this happens? Prolly something close to "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOD IIIIIII'M GOOOONAAAAA DIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

We are Water

I'm pretty sure its easy for everyone to become mesmerized by the movements of those who perform capoeira. I mean if you didn't then you're probably either dead, or on the verge of death. My boy Maf posted this on his fb page and I had to speak on it. The representation in this video named, Mestre Suassuna's Miudinho Gamejust bleeds of the beauty of Afro-Latin culture. A culture that most African-Americans have no conception of, nor care for. The rhythms, the dance, and the music, all come together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a tall glass of purple stuff Kool Aid. The dancers feed off of the people clapping/singing, the music, and each other. You can watch how each of the dances gets more intense with each passing second. Beauty is found in so many places. These dudes look like a living human incarnation of water. The funny thing is, a lot of people have no idea this beauty exists. I suppose it will expose itself to them in due time no? Only time will tell I suppose. Enjoy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Smoke 7 (incense smoke) Podcast

Just a little something for all those "next shit" cats out there..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eye Vagrants

People have their own definitions/misconceptions about what "art", and artistic expression truly are. While walking the streets of Tdot this summer, the w.o.o.d.s.m.e.n found forms of artistic expression that is kept preserved in back alleys that AREN'T in the seedy part of town. The thing about graf is, you have to truly decipher the picture. These artist aren't mentioned in the same breath as Monet, or Hokusai. Instead, they remain in obscurity. Some people don't even consider what they do to BE art. Not us.. Props Tdot once again for your creative juices.

I provided a little music for this one. At first, I didn't like this Santogold song, but with a little seasoning, I find it now palatable. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wall Etchings

You know, most people complain about the same things over and over again. Constantly we hear people drive into our ear; "where's all the good music?". Of course this question depends on where you find yourself situated in this god forsaken country. Do yourself a favor, stop reading this for a second, and click "play" on the youtube video below. After that, continue reading. I'll wait....

Cool. So people complain about the music. Its not just the people who listen to most of the dumb shit that floods the radio waves right now either. I don't worry too tough about the "hater" title that is bestowed on me, or my age so bleh to all of that. If the music sucks, I'm going to say it sucks. The masses never got anything right anyway. Which is why this song makes sense at this very moment. War Of The Gods is what the title is. And if any of us want our music to continue in any spec of importance, then we must all be ready to fight in this war.

This goes out to the DJ's; You cats need to stop being so afraid. Recognize that YOU control what they listen to. And to the new heads that are just stepping on to the scene. Don't JUST get some tables and think that everyone is loving your stuff. Take some time to develope this craft that you are jumping into. If you've been DJing for a few months, NO you shouldn't be spinning out at a club/lounge/wherever you are playing for $50. First off, you are driving down the price into crackhead range. And it makes it worse for the DJ's who are actually NICE. Yes there is an economy to this.

This goes out to the record collectors; You cats need to understand the fact that you are the archivists. Don't use the fact that you have a rare record to justify your love, and can sell it for $1300 on ebay. If you ain't giving the money, or ANY of the proceeds to the artist that created what you have, kinda "shut up". You're making money off of SOMEONE ELSE's creative genius. Cool that you have it no question. But chill. Some of these cats is outrageous with their hollywood attitudes.

Finally, this goes out to the listeners. Don't be so lazy. Don't listen just because there is "nothing" else on the radio. Being inundated with some of this "bafoonery" shouldn't mean its okay to turn a blind eye. With songs like; Whip it Like A Slave and LOL Smiley Face, I find it a tad surprising that the NAACP, or any other of these so called African American community leaders, hasn't stepped up to condemn this action as detrimental to the African American Community as a whole. The same people who stepped up against Don Imus to complain when he called those women on the Rutgers Women's basketball team; "Nappy Headed Hoes", should be front and center when they hear some of this music. Its pretty amazing actually. Take a look at a minstrel show and then look at one of these new videos. Hardly any true creativity is can be found. When analyzing the actual power of potential and creation by African Americans past and present, one sees that, that very power of creation is more than an illusion. It is very real. And I know a lot of these kids are young, but Nas was 18 once too. And you Never heard anything so simple/tired from him. Same goes for cats like Q-Tip, KRS-ONE, and Kool G Rap. I guess all drugs lose their potency at some point.

So who'll win the War? Suppose only time will tell the end of this tale. This song that you are listening to however? This song, War Of The Gods by Billy Paul, is a testament to how all the "good" music, has never gone anywhere. It was always here for us. And so what if it is "old". It still remains timeless. It is music at one of its rare and unique peeks. The level of creation was far beyond where it has sank to. No matter if its Hip Hop, Soul, Rock, whatever. It is all watered down. Rock music even sounds uninspired and empty. Hip Hop sounds almost offensive to the people whom CREATED it. We are all players in this story that will at some point, have to come to an end. How will we be remembered? And most important, how will the music be remembered.

But back to Billy Paul. After you are done reading, set the song back to the beginning... Then listen to the words. Crazy shit. Classic. Immortal...

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